Everybody Happy with Garden Pond Fish

Garden with Fish Pond

Garden pond fish needs a comfortable environment for movement even in a small cottage decorate tank. If the mere is large enough and is enriched with oxygen, the water inhabitants in it will feel comfortable and do not get sick. The amount of inhabitants for suburban mere is determined taking into account the surface area.
Making a fish pond in your garden:

  • The area is not less than 20 s/m and depth of 1.2 m – this is the optimal size for settling. Water surface 30 × 30 cm – it is necessary for at least one fish measuring 5 cm This ratio is suitable for new reservoirs, but to defend mere with an abundance of vegetation, this value of occupants can be increased from a half to two times;
  • It is important that the depth of the reservoir is not less than 0.5 m. The individuals  can live even in the mini-reservoirs, but then is increased a need in aeration and filtration;
  • The soil in the bottom of the reservoir should be planted with plants, because they love to feast with algae and insect larvae. Feed the inhabitants in a suburban mere you should twice a day, but the food for the various individuals is different.

Types of fish for garden ponds:

Small Garden Pond Fish
  • When the pond space is limited and it is enough for two or three individuals, one can opt for the goldfish. If the body of water large enough and there is no doubt about the welfare of its inhabitants, should pay attention to these ornamental water inhabitants as a golden ide, koi carp. Not bad will feel the summer in suburban pond aquarium guppies and even cardinals;
  • Very popular colorful koi, are very effectively looked in the mere. They even can be trained to take food from the hands, but their content – not a cheap pleasure, which requires the cost of filters and drainage devices. After some time these water inhabitants  will need space;

Gasterosteus асиleatus, Leucaspius delineatus- fish ponds for small gardens. Nimble aquainhabitants, gleaming in the sun, will bring a lot of pleasure.

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