How to Build Hot Tub Deck in Right Way

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Building a hot tub deck is a good idea if you’re going to incorporate it in into the pool and relaxation area, or if you have to deal with bumpy and steep location, or if you’re going to place it in the middle of the lawn area without digging a huge hole and making a concrete base. Besides, it just looks better, provides an opportunity to vary the tub’s height, so that it’s easier for people to step in and get out. This is also the way to place your sizzling hot reservoir a little bit higher than pool in order to recreate a special design idea.

Deck support for a hot tub has to be planned and constructed professionally, so that the base is strong and sturdy enough to hold the weight of this massive bowl fully filled with water and also people, who’re actually going to use it. And, that requires specialist’s assistance to carry out a throughout planning, choose a proper spot and oversee construction process. Hot tub deck plans have to be well-thought and designed; the calculations have to be irreproachable to ensure the safety and durability of installation job.

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It’s also necessary to distinguish the cases, when a hot tub deck framing is built, as in this cases we have to construct a slightly raised patio, but not support. This construction step follows the reservoir’s installation, as the decking in this case will play more decorative, but not functional role. It will be built around our water reservoir, so that people are able to walk around it barefoot, rest on the outdoor chairs, etc.

However, when we have to install a hot tub on the uneven area or where the land is quite loose, and you’re not willing to deal with major excavation and concrete pouring job, it’s better to think about building a reliable wooden deck. It’s constructed with the help of pressure-treated wood planks, beams and center posts and special concrete footings to provide necessary support of such stand. Still, you’ll have to dig several holes and fill them with sand to prepare the mounting spot for the footings, but it’s much easier than creating the gravel and concrete base.

Hot Tub Deck Images

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