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Small Water Fountain to Classic or Modern Interior

Small Water Fountains for Table

The small water fountain is a perfect way to bring out the new look to the apartment. The manufactured items cost a significant amount of money. You can save the budget with the help of the recycled things. Maybe you have a decorative bowl or flower pot? These things are best water bases for the DIY projects. You can fill the space with seashells, stones or other items. It will reflect your taste and personal skills.

To make the first decoration you need some flower pots. The bigger one, for example, 6 inches in diameter, will be the base for water streams and the smaller, 4-inch size, will serve as storage for small water fountain pump. The process contains 6 simple steps:

Small Garden Water Fountains
  • Gather the materials and tools;
  • Prepare the base;
  • Drill and file the saucers;
  • Assemble the construction;
  • Assemble the other parts of the construction;
  • Add some finishing touches.

The second modification is the bamboo fountain. It bases on the bamboo bowl or pot. The main condition for the project success is the wide opening of the base. The process is also easy. Besides of the bowl, you need some bamboo sticks.

  • Get and cut the bamboo sticks to suitable length;
  • Assemble the platform;
  • Assemble the fountain itself;
  • Add the water and launch the pump;
  • Finish the building with the painting of the piece of interior.

And the idea is a transparent small outdoor water fountain. The best decorative solution for such construction will be seashells. This element will fit the room in marine style. The process of its creation is easy and takes a few hours of your time.

  • Prepare the bowl and seashells.
  • Find the biggest shell and drill a hole for a pump in it.
  • Install the pump.
  • Fix the tube.
  • Add finish touches.

These items don’t need using of dangerous instruments. So you can ask your children to help you.

Small Water Pumps for Fountains

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