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Semi Inground Pool and Its Pros and Cons

Semi Inground Pool with Deep End

If you were looking for a better options or design of pool for your backyard, so that it is not as expensive and hard to clean as an inground one, but also not as bulky and awkward looking as above ground one, then you should probably consider building a semi inground pool.

In addition to their attractive look and lower cost, those pools are also easier to construct on uneven surfaces and plots with steep hills or bumps, as they don’t require a large, completely flat base. Also, semi inground swimming pools are safer for small kids than ordinary inground ones. They fit into the backyards’ landscapes much more naturally, serving as a centerpiece of your garden and creating just slightly separated and accentuated resting area. Place several chaise-longue chairs, sunshades, grill or barbecues on the deck to achieve a summer alternative of comfortable family relaxation or party zone.

Semi Inground Pool Installation

You may find various ideas, construction plans and semi-inground swimming pool designs, but most of them feature building a deck around the pools, making them half way or completely decked out, making stone-tiled short walls or barriers both around the water and around the deck, depth variations, etc. Traditional square or rectangular shapes take turns with free forms and smooth rounded lines and different kinds of wall finishing and decking.

You may decorate the edges with plants and stones, add a built-in jacuzzi or small fountain to one of the basin’s sides to make it look more interesting and enchanting. Turning it into a pond in the middle of your garden, surrounded by inclined trees, meadow grass and flowers, little hidden bench and fairytale styled outdoor lights is quite unusual option, which won’t suit every backyard landscape, but it’s worth trying out if you’re looking for something  unique.

Semi inground pool with deck provides not only wider design opportunities, but it’s also quite convenient to get in and get out. In addition to that, such contraction decision allows attaching a patio with an inbuilt basin area to your house, which looks really impressive. Moreover, you may play with the scenery options and even achieve an infinity design if you adjust the height.

Semi Inground Pool Images

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