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DIY Swimming Pool for Less Money

Solar Heating for Swimming Pools DIY

Diy swimming pool – you should decide whether you’ll be doing a mere in the country by your hands or better choose among ready-made models. What could be better than to dip in the cool water in the summer heat? And perhaps not only to plunge and even swim a couple of laps.
Diy swimming pool ideas:

  • Inflatable pools – this model is a mobile. When it in assembled and packed form – it fits easily in the trunk of cars. This means that you can take it with you on a picnic or just easily move from one area to another;
  • Prefab basins – the advantages of this category of basins – it is high speed of installation and mobility. They are more resistant to mechanical stress. And their hard skeletons are protected from corrosion;
  • Stationary pools – of all kinds are the most expensive – also in service. There stationary concrete basins with a cup or already finished. Diy concrete swimming pool- you can order the concrete bowl of any, even the most creative form.

Diy inground swimming pool:

Swimming Pool DIY Construction
  • Determine the location of the basin and its dimensions. If you make a pond in the country by yourself, do not choose complex forms. Circle, rectangle, square – the best options;
  • The work begins with marking the boundaries of your future basin. It is carried out with the help of pegs, cords and measuring tape;
  • Then dig a trench. It should be in the 40-50 cm longer than expected. The optimum depth of the basin is about 1.5 m;
  • The bottom of the pit must be carefully leveled and compacted, with a layer of sand or gravel thickness of about 30 cm;
  • Behind the sand bag is a waterproofing layer;
  • Between the walls of the excavation and formwork – the concrete is poured;

It is significant to provide in advance the possibility of supplying water to the basin. If it is carried through pipes, it is required  to put them in concrete – as well as all other communications, for example, holes for spotlights.

26 Photos of the DIY Swimming Pool for Less Money

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